Monday, November 9, 2009

Maple Farm or Funny Farm?

The summer is now officially over, and the outdoors farmers markets have ended. It was an incredible summer and thank you to all.

We at Sugarmomma's Maple Farm feel that it is an appropriate time for you to meet the rest of our family. You will be the judge, maple farm or funny farm?

Picture here is Jethro and Tony our Scottish Highlander cows. As most people are unaware of Highlanders are a rare heritage breed cow. I like to joke and call them hippy cows because of their long hair and big horns. They are beautiful animals which I am proud to own. I was very surprised to find so many people who have never seen cows like Jethro and Tony. Pictured here with the boy's is Jim McGeough of White Gate Farm in Epping. Jim is the breeder of these magnificent animals. Thank you Jim and Susan for doing such a beautiful job.

Momma's little girls! It sure is wonderful to have something else in pink but me. Here are my girls Hanna and Tammy Swynette. They sure are lovable, just rub their belly's and they melt. Just like any other baby's when their belly's are full nothing is better then a long nap in the sunshine.

These girls here are Nick's Chick's. Nicholas has taken a large interest in agriculture this past year, and has purchased 10 heritage breed laying hens from our friends over at Yellow House Farm in Barrington. We are patiently awaiting our first egg. Let's hope that it comes soon or its Coq Au Vin for these girls (just kidding). Nicholas will have some of his heritage eggs available for sale at the winter farmers markets.

Meet Tom he is a happy white broad breasted turkey. Tom and his brothers and sisters (I call them all Tom) live here on the farm in their plush condo. This turkey house is a replica of the camp that I used to go to as a child with the Nun's. How on earth did Ron know that he would be rekindling childhood memories? Thanks to the farmers of the Seacoast Growers Assoc. my turkeys were the best fed turkeys on the seacoast. Be sure to visit soon if you would like to meet Tom he is sure to fly the coop!

So, as you well can see things are pretty busy here on the farm. Have you decided yet? Maple farm or Funny farm! If I have to choose I would say Happy Farm.
Stop bye and visit we are home enjoying the sights and sounds of farm life. The Sugar house will be open throughout the Holiday season to meet all of your personal and Christmas needs, just give us a call and let us know that your coming so we can be here. We will also be at the winter farmers markets sponsored by Seacoast eat local. Visit their web site for times and places.

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  1. Dear Sugarmomma, please tell us when you are going to be gearing up for maple season. :-) Also, we want to see more of Nick's Chicks!
    P.S. I still want to post a maple interview on


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