Friday, March 23, 2012

Maple Weekend 2012

Yippi!!! It's Maple weekend, and it seems to have come fast.

Visit us here on the farm and see how pure NH maple syrup is made. We have a few new additions to our farmily this year! Meet Rosie our 11 month old Pinzgaur, she is a beautiful duel purpose meat and milk cow, who will add to our sustainable life style. Once Rosie calf's we will then milk her to provide us will all of our dairy needs. We also will have the sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and baby goats.

Nicholas will have a variety of baby chicks, bunnies and goats for sale, so that you can start your own flock!

We will be offering a light lunch of hot dogs and drinks, and of course lunch wouldn't be complete without a creamy maple soft serve ice cream.

Our shelves are stocked with syrup, candy, maple nuts, cotton candy and maple popcorn.

Our hours for maple weekend will be from 9-3. Please drive safe and slowly!!!! The speed limit here is 25mph and strictly enforced.

See you soon!