Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belated Thanks for Great Open House!

Ten days ago, Deb Locke and the Sugarmomma's Maple Farm family were breathing a [short] sigh of relief after a busy Open House Weekend.

Saturday and Sunday, Deb worked in the sugar house (a.k.a. the Maple Day Spa, because of the steam sauna effect coming off of the evaporator). She boiled sap, as she had been doing for weeks already, all the while teaching visitors how maple syrup is made, from tree to table. She typically shared a bit of maple history, demonstrated how she stokes the fire with pine logs (to keep it burning hot and fast) and keeps an eye on the temperature so the results are just right, and answered all manner of questions from visitors.

Meanwhile, husband Ron worked primarily in the kitchen, making and serving delicious pancake breakfasts (and maple soft-serve ice cream) along with chef Ricky and helpers Davyanne, Ashley, and Vicki. Sons Nick, Wyatt, and Caleb introduced visitors to various critters on the farm, including pigs, turkeys, chickens, and quail--plus the new hatchlings and the visiting baby goats!

Pam offered visitors "syrup tastings", describing the different grades of syrup so people could decide exactly which grade of syrup to take home. (In case you weren't there, the grade reflects color and flavor--not quality!--and is related to the sugar content of the sap that went into that batch. More on this later.) Joe sold all kinds of delicious homemade maple goodies from the store, including maple sugar candy, maple popcorn, maple cotton candy, spreadable maple cream, powdered maple sugar, four kinds of maple-coated nuts, and Sugarmomma's very special maple hot sauce. Ruthie and Vicki were the real troupers of the weekend, though, because they made bag after bag of maple cotton candy for the masses--and got covered in sticky bits of maple fluff!

Numerous other friends and family pitched in to direct traffic, move tables, clear trash, and offer various other support over the weekend, and we couldn't have done it without their help. THANK YOU to everyone who made this special annual event possible!

And "everyone" includes all of the visitors who came out to see the sugar house in action, learn how the Locke family is growing much of our own food, and support our farm. Without the support of our community, this business would not be viable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and come see us again soon!

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